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Alex Hall makes the impossible look easy in ‘Security Notice’

You know the name. You know what he’s capable of. And YET, he still finds a way to pull off tricks and find features that seem like they’re straight out of a video game. Throwing a flat 3 using a fence as a trampoline? Back swap on Bozeman’s Lindley Park rail? Plenty of other insane doings that I can’t even describe? Yes indeed to all of the above. Alex Hall is one of the best out there. It would be hard to argue against it. He’s easily proved that he is one of the most dominant freestyle skiers of this generation; a man who has shown over the years that his dominance spans from the streets to the podium. But he doesn’t seem to be doing it for the titles or to fuel that ego. He’s here for the love of the game, as evident in the smile exhibited through these clips. Now, I could be wrong. Maybe he’s here to take over the industry and then the world. But I wouldn’t worry about it, because if he is, there’s not much anyone can do. Just watch this latest edit and you’ll probably agree.

‘Security Notice’ is A Hall’s compilation of urban mayhem from the 2020 and 2021 season, all chalked up and slapped together by the talented osap Owen Dahlberg. There’s more than one hardy slam that would probably drop a mere mortal out for the remainder of the season. However, time and time again, Alex proves that whatever they’re putting in that Park City water is tainted with super soldier serum. Slam after slam, the guy gets back up with unparalleled determination, and appears to never leave the spot until he’s gotten what he came for. Just wait for the final feature. If you’d have unbelievable respect for the guy before, you’ll walk away embarrassed that you ever doubted him. Soak up some inspiration and enjoy one of the most impressive collection of clips you’ll likely ever lay eyes on.

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