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Alex Bellemare: Making the Most of 2020

In the spirit of recapping the 2020 season as we begin to dive in to this winter, who better to catch up on than the long time crowd favorite, Alex Bellemare? He is always a pleasure to watch and “ALKI 2020” illustrates his crisp and technical style; from step-downs to transfers, nothing can stand in this rail crusader’s way.

While reminiscing on comps, from Seven Springs to Dew Tour, it comes with a bittersweet feeling as Alex notes that the fabled SLVSH Cup was canceled for 2020. This event is a blast to watch, and I can only imagine how fun it is to actually be there—aside from Kimbo Sessions, there aren’t many similar gatherings in the ski world. Comps like these are what the sport truly thrives on; great skiers and people together not for the sole purpose of competing, but bettering each other and having a hell of a time.

Aside from the competition scene, we get several astounding clips from Alex’s time in the streets and park, notably joining the OG Phil Casabon out in their home Canadian province of Quebec. If the spots featured look familiar, it’s because they were shown “Ensemble,” the INCREDIBLE work of art put together with camera wizard Brady Perron behind the lens.

While winter is fast approaching, it’s good to see that Bellemare has been keeping busy off the slopes, especially with last season being drastically cut short. Showcasing guitar, skating and chess, it’s clear that Bellemare is a man of many talents and, as always, watching Alex Bellemare rip is a privilege. Let’s hope he, as well as the rest of us, are able to enjoy a full season of tearing it up this coming year.

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