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The Unstoppable Combo of Casabon and Perron Continues in “Ensemble”

It is in no way an overstatement to say that Brady Perron and Phil Casabon are a pioneering duo when it comes to the world of artistic ski films. Following up their beautiful past projects, which consist of “Absolem,” “Shall Oui,” “Nuance” and “En Particulier,” we get an incredibly detailed and refined product in “Ensemble.” For an art project that combines the documentation of the physical art that is street skiing and the visual art of film making, there could not be a better title. By definition, ensemble means “a group of items viewed as a whole rather than individually.” That is exactly what we get to witness as Perron and Casabon work in stride to use each others skills and passion to collectively build this masterpiece.

Warren Miller and TGR films are enjoyable to say the least, but a noticeably different feel and product is created in a project where the viewer is equally as blown away by the details in the film and editing as with the skiing. When the two crafts become one, working seamlessly, a whole new door is opened—both the rider and filmer are able to showcase their talents and personal style to the maximum. I find that projects like these have you watching again and again and again.

While art is entirely subjective, and I’m sure some viewers out there will not love this creation as much as others, what is absolutely undeniable is the work and love for the craft that each of these studs pours into this flick. I have watched this more times than I can count and still can’t get over the little details and immense care that went into each shot. Equally impressive, Phil Casabon seems to be immune to time. His riding looks fresh as ever, and unmistakably unique. The style as artists that both Perron and Casabon exude go together like bread ‘n butter, and I hope we are get to continue enjoying projects from these two in the years to come. Combining skiing, music, film and editing, all those who made this film possible have produced a unique and creative visual art presentation that has set the bar sky high for those to come.

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