Super Future: Tom Wallisch Q&A about Bobby Brown

Super Future: Tom Wallisch Q&A about Bobby Brown

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Q&A with Tom Wallisch on Bobby Brown

FS: What makes Bobby so good?
TW: Obviously consistency. He’s consistent because he’s always out skiing. He’s super good at being able to spot and control his body in the air, and he puts down a run every time. Being able land runs consistently, so that you’re building on scores, and not just trying to land your fi nal run is huge. Being able to get to the end of his run, that’s his thing. So what is it like competing against him? I don’t want to say it sucks because that makes it sound bad, but it definitely kind of sucks because he makes it really hard. It’s really frustrating, but at the same time, a lot of fun, too. He’s so damn good that it’s always a challenge.

 Bobby Brown

Bobby filming with MSP in Portes Du Soleil, Switzerland. P: Flip McCririck / MSP

But he’s not super competitive, stab-you-in-the-back type of guy, right?
No, he’s not someone to stab you in the back or just go for the win. He’s humble and quiet and young still. He’s really an awesome friend to have at any contest, even though everyone is definitely worried about having to ski against him. He’s one of my favorites to ski park with and ski at contests against. We always feed off each other. He’s always improving and working this or that, which forces me to try new stuff and hopefully I force him to try new things here and there. It’s really awesome.
How good is he in the air?
In the whole realm of technical air tricks, he’s leading the charge. It’s his forté, his niche in the sport. That’s the thing he’s for sure the best at out of anybody. The most consistent and talented. Before you try something, you’ve already seen him try it.

 Bobby Brown

Triples aren’t new, but do you think Bobby opened a Pandora’s Box by throwing a triple this spring?
I think it put some ideas in people’s heads. Instead of “this is what we could do in the future, when we have the right jumps,” it became, “We should go build this jump.” It was pretty cool to see, but I think there is a lot more left to be done that he’ll do before he does more in that realm.
Bobby went from A to B so quickly, how did he do that?
Besides doing well in the right events, he’s made himself available. He’s young, talented and he’s got a great head on his shoulders. He makes it fun for people and he’s a personality that people can relate and look up to. I attribute it to his performances, his attitude and the way he’s held himself through all the X Games and all that.

Do you think Bobby will become the next face of freeskiing?
I definitely agree to some extent. He sets the image that brings across a good look for our sport and industry. There have been too many times where the sport has come across as unprofessional… like a big party scene, but Bobby defi nitely does a good job of showing it as competitive, challenging and based on work ethic, talent and commitment. He legitimizes it. He really sets a good example for everyone.

Check out the exclusive outtakes from Bobby and Sean's studio shoot.

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