Super Future: Jon Olsson Q&A about Bobby Brown | Professional Skiiers

Super Future: Jon Olsson Q&A about Bobby Brown | Professional Skiiers

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Q&A with Jon Olsson on Bobby Brown

FS: You haven’t competed against Bobby much but do you see that cliché “fire in his eyes,” when he’s dropping in?
JO: He has that “zero doubt” kind of look. In his world, it’s all easy, at least that how I think he thinks. I don’t see how anyone can ski that well without a mentality close to that!

 Bobby Brown

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Do you think that Bobby will be able to repeat X Games Big Air types of performances for years to come?
I have no doubts. There are only a few guys that will be able to follow him, but I don’t see anyone beating him any time soon.

Do you think that the competition format will stunt his ability to progress? Or will he naturally grow as he’s been doing?
I don’t think it matters what he does. As long as he skis I think he has the mentality that he just wants to get better at what he does. So far it seems to be working great!

 Bobby Brown

His work ethic is crazy. Training on trampolines, in the gym, skiing every day… Is that what it takes to be the best?
I think it all comes from within, when you want something super, super badly. The training you do is not training, it’s just what you do, it’s all you think of. This is not something you can force or train on, it’s just the way people are built. I think the mix of a mentality like this and being able to think things trough and make the right strategic choices is what really separates people. There are lots of people out there with a ton of talent, lots of people out there with great work ethic, but not many have both and are able to use that to its full potential.
Many people are calling him the future of slopestyle and big air. Do you think that’s true and if so, why?
I couldn’t agree more on that one. Everything about him is sick. He is the first park skier that I feel that I can compare to Travis Rice’s supernatural ability. Some people just have it more than others.

Do you think that Bobby could become the new face of freeskiing?
It’s always hard to say, but I can’t think of a better person than Bobby to be the face of freesking. He’s handsome, super nice and way too good. What more could you ask for?

Check out the exclusive outtakes from Bobby and Sean’s studio shoot.

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