Super Future: Q&A with Rory Bushfield on Sean Pettit

Super Future: Q&A with Rory Bushfield on Sean Pettit

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Q&A with Rory Bushfield on Sean Pettit

FS: When did you first take note of Sean Pettit’s talents?
RB: I noticed him at 12 in the Whistler halfpipe doing 9s at WSI. But he wasn’t in WSI, he was just a badass poacher. Everyone there knew he would be the man one day soon.

When did you first ski with him?
The first time I got to ski with Pettit was in Mt. Baker, OR. It was early season and there wasn’t much snow. I went with him and Kye and both those boys didn’t seem to care that there was only a foot of snow in their landings. Especially Sean. He would say, “Hey Buckerfield, check this out.” Then he’d ski down something that would make any good skier scared that the guy he was watching was about to impale himself on a rock or stump. But every time, Sean seemed to float over the top and kill it.


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Can you tell me a funny story about the little guy?
I was just watching a video on my camera of Bibby and like, ten other guys beating Sean up in the Whistler Village. It’s hilarious. After it’s all over, Bibby helps Sean up and right when Sean doesn’t see it coming, Bibs punches him in the stomach real hard and Sean goes down again. Then a random comes in with a bouquet of flowers and starts wailing on him. He was pretty chill about it. Not much fighting back.

Why do you think he’s so good?
I think he is an amazing skier because he has a great attitude and the kid loves to ski. Sean is having fun out there all the time. I love skiing with him just because of that. He’s the coolest kid I know. I don’t know where he learned it, but he is way ahead of his time.

What’s it like skiing in the backcountry with a guy who’s so young? Is he on his shit?
Sean is really something else. He totally has his shit together. I would and do trust Sean with my life out there and I can’t really say that about anyone else his age, that’s for sure.

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Home | Q&A with Sean | Mike Douglas about Sean | Rory Bushfield about Sean | Bobby Brown


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