Super Future: Q&A with Mike Douglas on Sean Pettit

Super Future: Q&A with Mike Douglas on Sean Pettit

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Q&A with Mike Douglas on Sean Pettit

FS: When did you first see Sean ski?
MD: I first remember Sean rat-packing around with his brother Callum and Kye Petersen. Kye was small, but he seemed like a giant next to Sean. When you see a kid that small owning the mountain, you definitely take notice. I always remember Sean having good style. A lot of kids were doing the same tricks as him but he was able to keep it tight.

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What’s he like to hang out with?
I like Sean because he’s always having fun and he doesn’t take himself (or anything for that matter) too seriously. Sometimes, I wish he take something seriously. [laughs] But overall, he’s just a good Canadian kid. Last fall, my wife and I were having lunch in Whistler at a cafe near the high school when up walks Pettit and some of his classmates on their lunch hour. After a bit of chitchat with Sean, my wife says, “How do you know that kid?” I said, “That’s Sean Pettit. He might just be the best skier in the world right now.” She almost spit up her soup.

 Sean Pettit

What do you think makes him so good?
Full body control and fearlessness. If you’re lucky, the body control will stay with you forever. The fearlessness will end after your first major beatdown.

How is he seen in the Whistler community?
Whistler is a funny place. Nobody is really placed on a pedestal here. In the 10 houses surrounding me there are Olympic Gold medalists, World Cup champions, and action sport fi lm stars. In Sean’s high school their are a bunch of kids who are near the top of their game (ski, snowboard, mountain bike, etc.) Nobody makes a big deal about anyone here.

Do you think the level of hype surrounding Sean will get to his head?
I hope not. He better have been paying attention to Like A Lion at the film premieres this fall!

Were you surprised to see him get second at Linecatcher?
Yes, I was surprised, because I wondered who could beat him!

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Home | Q&A with Sean | Mike Douglas about Sean | Rory Bushfield about Sean | Bobby Brown

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