Dash Longe joins DPS Skis in pivotal, multi-year partnership

Dash Longe joins DPS Skis in pivotal, multi-year partnership

Featured Image: Rocko Menzyk

Salt Lake City-based DPS Skis announced today a multi-year partnership with industry veteran Dash Longe. With over 20 years under his belt as a professional skier, Longe’s smooth style, effortless big airs and infectious creativity will be the guiding light in the development of DPS’ new athlete-inspired Koala skis. Joining the ranks of Piers Solomon, Santi Guzman, Olof Larsson and Zack Giffin, Longe is now part of the DPS Koala athlete team–a small group of powder-hungry skiers who help shape the brand and the products they make.

“Our entire team is excited to have Dash join the DPS crew as a Koala and product development consultant. He is a gifted skier and a multi-talented individual whose penchant for fluid, stylish skiing epitomizes what DPS is all about,” said Jamie Starr, vice president of marketing for DPS, in a recent press release. “Dash’s vision encompasses much more than twin tip powder ski development and on-snow content. I have no doubt his dreams of a multifaceted athlete and brand collaborator will meld well with our mission to build the world’s best skis.”

Longe wastes no time getting started with the product development team. PHOTO: Courtesy of DPS Skis

Along with product development, Longe’s overflowing experience with previous industry sponsors and numerous awards in ski film production will give DPS’ on-snow content creation a significant boost. “Having a skier of Dash’s pedigree working with local filmers will allow us to celebrate the magic we have in our backyard mountains,” said Dan Benshoff, executive producer for DPS Cinematic, the company’s production house.

Focused on working directly with the DPS product development team, Longe aims to positively impact the products that come out of the DPS factory in Salt Lake City, which is also where Longe and his family call home. Working with a local brand and by reconnecting with his home mountains and community in the Wasatch Range of Utah, Longe will bring his design expertise to every step of the process, not just providing feedback on a finished product.

Longe tearing up the slopes this season at Alta Ski Area. PHOTO: Rocko Menzyk

“Over the past 20 years I’ve learned that the biggest breakthroughs in ski technology happen when the pioneers of the sport work closely with the engineers and product developers. My dream has been to collaborate on a ski from ideation through final iteration, allowing the marketing strategies and materials to surface naturally through the purity of the creative process,” said Longe. “Working with a local Salt Lake-based brand that has, in many ways, set the curve will give me the ability to express ideas creatively during the entire development process, not just when I ride the skis. Everything we do will have purpose and be a part of the story that’s told when a skier peels back the plastic and begins to form a relationship with their new skis.”

Wasting no time to get started, Longe has already been a part of a handful of development meetings, sharing valuable feedback in an early-season, on-snow testing environment. Team FREESKIER met up with Longe and the DPS crew at Alta Ski Area this week, where we got a sneak peek of what’s to come in this new partnership. Stay tuned on our social channels—Facebook, Twitter & Instagram—to see exclusive video footage, interviews with Dash and more.

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