2010-11 AFP Trophy Race: Women’s Slopestyle

2010-11 AFP Trophy Race: Women’s Slopestyle

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Women's Slopestyle Title

The Lowdown:
This year finds reigning AFP Slopestyle lady Kaya Turski not in the driver's seat. That's mostly due to the fact that she has four results to her name, while everyone else has five. That would include current leader Keri Herman who is in the midst of a banner year, who is currently 218.54 ahead of Ashley Battersby. Kim Lamarre is out the hunt, roughly 270 points back, but she can certainly finish in the top three. But the big story will be Turski and if she can overcome her 561.7 point gap on Herman.


The Math:
Keri Herman: Consistently on the podium, Keri could really use a win at WSI. A win would give the Breckenridge-resident 157.5 more points to play with. A 2nd place would give her another 105.57 points, and so on and so forth. But with so many ladies threatening the crown, Herman's timing for a win (which would be the first of the year) couldn't come at a more opportune time.

Ashley Battersby: More than capable of winning (especially in bad weather like Whistler is known to have), Battersby stands to profit, at most, 223.5 points, just enough to push off Keri for the top spot, if Keri doesn't improve her point game. Anything less for Ashley would be to hopefully secure her 2nd place standing. If she gets 9th or better, she'll be on the road to distancing herself from the rest of the pack.

Kaya Turski: Yes, Kaya is currently 560+ points back, but wherever she ends up at WSI, she'll be earning points. And given her nearly flawless record (one non-win in the past two seasons, a 2nd place in February's FIS World Championships), she's poised to take the crown again. If the leaderboard were to remain relatively unchanged, Kaya would have to finish in 17th or better to close the gap and take the lead. Even if Keri wins, Kaya would only need a 6th place or better to take the title.

Overall Impression:
While Keri has a healthy lead that she can improve upon, this last event is about Kaya. Kaya has hardly ever finished outside of the top spot, given her big bag of tricks and competition experience. While it's still up in the air who will win, don't be surprised if Kaya becomes the first person to three-peat and AFP title. This is ultimately Kaya's title to lose.

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