2010-11 AFP Trophy Race: Men’s Halfpipe

2010-11 AFP Trophy Race: Men’s Halfpipe

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Men's Halfpipe Title

The Lowdown:
Kevin Rolland is a mathematical lock to win the AFP Halfpipe crown. The Flying Frenchman's dominance this year has been staggering, winning almost everything he's entered (save for one FIS World Cup and the first stop of the Winter Dew Tour). Currently in 2nd is Simon Dumont, who has been on fire like Rolland, taking five podiums and two other near misses. Third place belongs to Justin Dorey who has been having a banner year, including four podiums and a win at the US Grand Prix. While Kevin is untouchable, the rest of the field could see some change ups, especially with the recent injuries to Torin Yater-Wallace (currently 6th) and Jossi Wells (currently 11th) and the rumor that Thomas Krief and Xavier Bertoni (4th and 12th) will not be attending WSI. So the title is secure, but the final position jockeying will be done in Whistler.


The Math:
Kevin Rolland: It's rumored that Kevin will not be attending the World Skiing Invitational in Whistler next week, but why bother, he's already a lock. Even if Kevin were to attend, a win would only gain him a mere 90 points. Thanks to wins at X Games, Euro X Games, two Dew Tours, a 3rd place at another Dew, Kevin has almost reached the ceiling for most points available in one season.

Simon Dumont: With Kevin safely ensconced in first, Simon will look to secure himself a 2nd place finish, hoping to widen his 235 point gap on Justin Dorey. He can better his point total by finishing 5th or better. A win would give Simon an additional 157.5 points, cushioning his current position.

Justin Dorey: If Dorey were to parlay his home-field advantage at WSI into a win, and if Simon were to place 6th or worse, he'd overtake the second spot, pushing Dumont into 3rd. It's a long shot, but mathematically, Dorey could be this season's 2nd ranked AFP pipe skier by the end of next week.

Overall Impression:
There isn't much to say other than Kevin Rolland is your 2010-11 AFP Superpipe Champion. With flawless precision and an unwavering competitive spirit, Kevin takes home the bacon after finishing 2nd in last years race. But not to be forgotten are the likes of Simon and Justin, and all other pipe competitors. This was by far the most competitive and difficult year to be a pipe contender. With the bar constantly being raised throughout the season, everyone should be raising their glasses to the pipe skiers.

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