2010-11 AFP Trophy Race: Women’s Overall Title

2010-11 AFP Trophy Race: Women’s Overall Title

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Women's Overall Title

The Lowdown:
This year, a new Women's Overall Champion will be crowned. Rosalind Groenewoud has been the reigning champ for two years, but she's currently 15th in line, a bit far off of the top spot. Relative newcomer Devin Logan has been in the driver's seat for most of the year, with Keri Herman hot on her tails, just 132.82 points back. Third place is held down by injured Canadian Dania Assaly and 4th place is the young Brit, Katie Summerhayes. While it's mathematically impossible for Katie to win with her 891.24 point gap, she can move into 3rd place. It's going to come down to the two American women duking it out for the top spot.


The Math:
Devin Logan: As the most prolific women's competitor — a very talented one at that — it comes as no surprise that Ms. Logan holds the top spot. While Logan doesn't have huge opportunities for point gains in Whistler, she can certainly improve her gap on Keri. A 1st or 2nd in the Superpipe will give Devin either a 38 or 90 point boost, while a 3rd or better in Slopestyle will give Devin anywhere from a 29 to 119 point boost. While improving her situation depends on podium-ing, remember that Devin has accrued nine podiums this year and another five top 5 finishes. So finishing at the top of the pack is not out of the ordinary for Devin.

Keri Herman: On the slopestyle side Keri would have to win to gain a 52 point boost, something she is very capable of, given her 4-for-5 podium streak this year. But where Herman will have to get it done will be the Superpipe. While it isn't her area of expertise, a 9th or better finish will get her points. If she podiums, she'll be adding in the ballpark of 138 to 230 points. Just enough to possibly edge out Logan for the win.

Overall Impression:
While both women are no strangers to the podium, Devin's multi-discipline success gives her the advantage. But Keri's two top 10 pipe finishes are a good starting point for her to maybe make a breakthrough and earn some points in the pipe. But this is certainly Logan's race to lose, so if she can ski the way she has skied all year, she should be lifting that AFP Overall title in just under two week's time.

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