2010-11 AFP Trophy Race: Women’s Halfpipe

2010-11 AFP Trophy Race: Women’s Halfpipe

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Women's Halfpipe Title

The Lowdown:
After finishing second last year, Canadian Rosalind Groenewoud has her sights on finishing atop the Women's Superpipe standings. Despite battling a mid-season injury, Roz G. holds a narrow 27.95 point gap on Devin Logan. Right in the mix is Brita Sigourney — who has suffered two injuries this year — 92.13 points behind Roz. Unfortunately 4th place Jen Hudak will not be at WSI due to a knee/shoulder injury sustained at European X Games, but she would be in the mix just 140 points back. And you can't count out Anais Caradeux and Sarah Burke, who sit 168.21 and 230.52 points back, respectively.


The Math:
Rosalind Groenewoud: While Roz is in the pole position, a good finish will certainly help lead her out of the pack. A win could give her an additional 162 points. As long as Ms. Groenewoud finishes 5th or better, she'll be getting some sort of points. And in this race, every point is valuable.

Devin Logan: If Roz wins, it's over for Devin. If Roz doesn't win, then the board really opens up for Devin. With such a narrow gap, if Devin were to win she'd take the whole enchilada, even if Roz were to finish in second. If Devin finishes 2nd or 3rd, which she's done six times this year, it puts the pressure on Roz to win or go home in second overall.

Brita Sigourney: It's still unclear if Brita can compete at WSI, but if she does, she'll need a win to walk away the AFP Champ. It's that simple.

Anais Caradeux / Sarah Burke: Anais and Sarah both have a hefty margin to overcome. If Anais wins and Roz or Devin don't finish 2nd, she's in there. If Sarah wins her point total would top Groenewoud's even if Roz takes silver. Both are mathematical longshots, but they can't be counted out given their combined seven podiums this year.

Overall Impression:
It really comes down to who wins WSI. Sure there are some scenarios that will require some heavy number crunching, but ultimately, a W will really help each girl's cause. With Brita being an unknown and Hudak being injured, two potential land mines are removed for the other ladies. Roz hasn't skied healthy in a while, so will WSI be her 2011 coming out party? While Devin has found the podium a lot, first place has eluded her. Is she on the up-and-up or will she fall just short again? Anais has yet to win this year, but with a strong showing in France, the timing could be right. And Sarah is back to her old form winning 4-of-5 contests she's entered this year. Hard to argue with that momentum. But for now, it's any-ladies game.

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