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X GamesReal Ski action isn’t over yet! The full Broadcast breaks it all down

After an intense virtual battle, the six X Games Real Ski competitors were crowned as direct vote of the people. Each entry was so intense and unique that it was a challenge deciding which one to vote for each day. After the electronic data had been tallied however, there were clear favorites out of the crowd. After it had all gone down, we saw the following results:

  1. Alex Hall
  2. Alex Hackle
  3. Tanner Hall

It came as little surprise that the big dawg A Hall himself was crowned the champ. Clearly the people enjoyed what it is he has, as his mind warping tricks and hit really show his true creativity on the mountain. Everything that is considered through that mind is analyzed different than most everyone. His ability to create and paint on the mountain is really what makes Alex stand apart. Alex Hackle brought out the big guns, and with The Bunch’s Pär “Payben” Hägglund behind the lens, it should also not be a shocker that this ripping Euro young-gun slinger produced a complete classic when teamed up with ice-coast Hackle. With a timeless style feel throughout, their Real Ski edit is an all-time creative project. Closing out the list, we have the legend, the people’s champ, the lion himself, Tanner Hall. This 38 year old gangster just won’t quit, and that’s okay! Every one who has been on skis has been inspired by the Rasta man.

With all the videos watched and voted on, things might seem a little quiet. However, there is always more treasure to be found if you put in the work for it; and luckily, there’s not much work needed for this stash! Here we have the X Games Real Ski full broadcast. With the greatest host in the game, Steel City legend Tom Wallisch, breaking it all down, there’s no worries on this roller coaster ride. This baddie also comes equipped with unreleased shots, throwbacks and a plethora of skier and filmer interviewers scattered throughout, which give a deep dive into why and how each athlete made the most of their spot, as well as what could have been better. The behind-the-scenes action is extremely eye opening, and really lets you see how much work goes into every single spot. The X Games Real Ski full 47 minute broadcast is exactly the informative and entertaining ski content that any ripper would enjoy.

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