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Voleurz encourages you to “Look on the Bright Side” in new feature film

From Voleurz on Vimeo:

Look on the Bright Side is a free film by Voleurz featuring some of the world’s finest snowboarders, skiers, and skateboarders: Braden Dean, Matt Margetts, Mike Mertion, Joe Schuster, Shayne Zwickel, Josh Bibby, Barry Hartman, Justin VDP, KC Deane, Max Hill, TJ Schiller, Jeff Boake, Scott Sych, Tyler Holm, Nugget, Warren Williams, Riley Leboe, Corey Klim, Justin Dorey, Cam Schuster, Mike Riddle, Ian Cosco, Jan Schuster, Nathan Ramler, Simon d’Artois, Colston JB, Josh Stack, Jordan Gibson-Fraser, & The Intern.”



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