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Twenty-nine athletes shredding across nine countries means one kickass trailer

The trailers just keep flowing in, and this one from the Freeski Crew, titled ESCAPADES, is keeping the momentum going. It features trickery from all over the world: Austria, Germany, Italy, Switzerland, Spain, Japan, Russia, Kyrgyzstan and Chile. A two-year project, ESCAPADES is premiering all over Europe in the coming months and will be online for free by the end of the year.

Included athletes: Marinus Höflinger, Bene Höflinger, Dominik Hartmann, Ambros Fürstaller, Basti Färber, Flo Geyer, Thomas Trifonitchev, Daniel Gassner, Jürgen Nigg, Torge Nagel, Tom Ritsch, Severin Guggemoos, Felix Althammer, Christian Jenny, Flo Göller, Dominik Sagmeister, Julius Schneider, Tobias Huber, Georg Stückler, Sebastian Müller, Paul Klein, Patrick Gstrein, Akki Bruchhausen, Sven Rauber, Lukas Mühlauer, Bernhard Liebl, Tobias Bretzke, André Sonderegger and Adrian Gaiser.


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