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‘Till I Break It // Internet Mixtape V. 1’ – Pierre Emile Rochat is the most creative skier you’ve never heard of

This summer, FREESKIER will be bringing you content to keep you cool as the temperature rises. We get it, your mind hungers for a day of frozen faces, beaming smiles, soaked socks and bottomless turns. Whether you’re practicing a pretz 2 at Mt Hood or just daydreaming, we’ll be hooking you up with movies, edits, news and more to keep you stoked and satisfy that ski itch until you can get back to doing the real thing.

For every well-known skier, there are five hidden gems just waiting to be discovered. Pierre Emile Rochat is one of those skiers. His name has yet to hit the mainstream, but he’s been putting in the work for years. Gaining recent traction on his Instagram, it’s evident that Pierre is becoming a fan favorite. If he hasn’t come across your radar yet, today is your lucky day, as he is one of the most creative riders we have come across. He loves a screamin’ seamen, will flip off almost anything, can butter for what seems like miles on end, and makes you wonder whether or not he has springs in his skis (or his knees). Either way, it’s mind-blowing to watch.

His athleticism and determination are unquestionable, and his content is filled with clips of him eating sh*t for what seems like hours on end, all in pursuit of whichever trick is on his mind. It’s always great to see a skier who isn’t afraid of falling on camera and even welcomes it. Pierre is proof that it’s not where you ski that counts; it’s how you ski it.

Not even sure how this one is possible. Determination at its best.

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