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Alex Hackel and Magnus Granér talk X Games Real Ski, The Bunch, and the hard work behind stacking clips

This summer, FREESKIER will be bringing you content to keep you cool as the temperature rises. We get it, your mind hungers for a day of frozen faces, beaming smiles, soaked socks and bottomless turns. Whether you’re practicing a pretz 2 at Mt Hood or just daydreaming, we’ll be hooking you up with movies, edits, news and more to keep you stoked and satisfy that ski itch until you can get back to doing the real thing.

The one and only Alex Hackel has fired up a YouTube podcast, and we couldn’t be more pumped for it. For the inaugural Pilot episode, Alex is joined by his good friend and fellow member of The Bunch, Magnus Granér. The two dive into X Games Real Ski, the pros and cons of the heavily debated competition, both of their medal-winning experiences in Real Ski, and more. While X Games Real Ski is currently “out of commission”, this talk brings up very good points about why it’s necessary to create more ways for young skiers to jumpstart their careers and get the attention needed to make a living on skis.

Alex and Magnus aren’t just talking to talk. As two of the founders of 1000 Skis, they are actively creating a brand and platform for young riders. We love to see those with experience in skiing set up the next generation. These guys are not only great skiers, but they’re great people who are making the world of skiing a better place. Hopefully, this podcast, and others like it, continue to grow. Stay tuned for more action from Alex, Magnus and the rest of The Bunch!

The Mayrand Podcast is another athlete-driven podcast that you’re sure to love if you don’t already listen.

Magnus’s iconic 2017 Gold Medal X Games Real Ski

For a full list of the video parts mentioned in the Podcast between Alex and Magnus, check out the video comment section on YouTube.

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