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[Throwback] ‘Glacier Days // The Movie’ – Snowpark Zermatt has never looked better with Sämi Ortlieb and friends

Back in the day, not that many years ago, Sämi Ortlieb started a remarkbly lovable series called ‘Glacier Days‘. While many faces floated in and out through the short time, Sämi, Will Wesson, Marcel Brünischloz, and Erik Olson were the crowd favorites that held it down. Rob Heule, Joona Kangas, Alex Hackle and many other great riders made appearances throughout, with the talent just pouring over. Here we see a killer line up featuring those listed, plus Kai Mahler, Antti Ollila, Fabian Bösch, Remco Kayser, and far too many more to name.

This 20 minute ‘Glacier Days’ movie (2018) is the culmination of those few years, being the final piece in the puzzle… at least for now. It’s an absolute mega compilation of brilliant skiing and feature building high in the Swiss Alps, and is one of the best spring skiing flicks around. Queue the nostalgia, and enjoy this beautiful amalgamation of sunshine and snow.

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