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This dude went from being a pro skier to a TV star building tiny houses

When Zack Giffin looks back on his professional life, he doesn’t feel any regret. Sure, changing career paths from skiing big mountains to building tiny houses on his own TV show, Tiny House Nation, is a leap of faith. But, he’s immensely glad it all happened, and still manages to slip in a couple weeks of shredding every year. This video from DPS conveys Giffin’s story, and has a lesson in store for all of us that if you just roll with the opportunities in front of you, everything will be just fine.


None of us know what the future holds in store. When we are healthy and employed it is easy to feel like the world will always provide but we all know how things can change so fast and unexpectedly. With a one serious medical emergency, a family loss or a major financial hit, what we think of as mandatory necessities for our happiness can so easily become distant memory. Security is a gift and a blessing and I know for sure that without my friends and family helping me my life would have been very different. We are conditioned to believe that if we are men, we don't need assistance but truthfully everyone needs a helping hand from a friend especially people carrying the added burden of trauma from war. I think the statistics prove that too many Veterans returning from service try to go at it alone. A supportive community is missing in the lives of many homeless Veterans and it is exactly what I believe is so profound about the mission of organizations building Veterans Villages around the country. Building homes that give Veterans a sense of pride and ownership while facilitating togetherness is a path to true healing. I am building tiny homes for veterans not because giving back is a good thing to do, but because I believe it will work. #OperationTinyHome #veteranscommunityproject

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