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The woman who stole Shane McConkey’s heart

MSP Films and Red Bull have released another behind the scenes video in support of McConkey, which premieres this fall in theaters across the United States. This episode examines the relationship between Shane and the love of his life, Sherry McConkey.

From redbull on YouTube:

“No one knew Shane McConkey better than his wife, Sherry. One of the executive producers of McConkey and a principal figure in the film, she was the love of Shane’s life: his spouse, the mother of his child, a true partner and fellow adventurer.

Today, she continues to live each day to the fullest—as director of the nonprofit McConkey Foundation, she carries on Shane’s legacy while pursuing a diverse career, savoring an active lifestyle and raising an energetic 7-year-old. Proceeds from the film will go to a trust set up for the McConkey family.”

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