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The OnSlaught of TwentyTwenty

This year has presented unforeseen challenges and difficulties to everyone. With resort operations coming to a screeching halt in March along with travel restrictions being leveled, those who wished to continue the season had a tough task on their hands. But, even with all the obstacles that lay in the way, the OnSlaught crew was still able to stack clips and continue the attack! Whether OnSlaught is a new name or one you’ve known from the past, “TWENTYTWENTY” is sure to entertain. The gang put their mind to the task, built copious creative features and were fueled by, what seems to be, peanut butter sandwiches and an undeniable love for the craft. Staying socially distanced by building PVC set ups in the woods or incredible kickers in the peaks is a great way to safely continue the passion. And if it requires some extra work, you can bet that isn’t going to stop the OS crew. Enjoy the fifth movie from “the group that never sleeps”.

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