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The always imitated, never duplicated style of Hoji

As far as ski industry names go, Eric Hjorleifson, or “Hoji” as he’s known, is about as recognizable as they come. From his days of studying the New Canadian Airforce, to becoming one of the greatest big-mountain skiers to ever grab the sticks, Hoji has certainly made a name for himself in an unmistakable way: His silky smooth turns radiate style, no matter the slope or conditions. Now, with so much incredible Hoji content out there, Matchstick Productions has kindly given us a wonderful five-minute synopsis of where Hoji earned his skills, clips that are enough to make any ski bum envious and awestruck at the same time.

As in any sport, a great skier is someone you can spot from a distance and know by their unique stamp. A signature trick, iconic line or just a damn beautiful turn is enough for most but, with Hoji, it’s tough to say what single thing sets him apart. it’s the culmination of his art as a whole that seems to give him in his unique style. With an emphasis on surfing the hill and using the mountain as a personal playground, it’s impossible not to smile and relax while watching a true master of his craft visually display his love for the game. This culmination of past and present clips is a testament to one of skiings all time greats. As exclaimed by a young pal in the video, “ERIC you’re my hero!” Well said my friend, well said.


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