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Sit-Skier Jay Rawe sends it to the moon in MSP’s latest film, ‘The Stomping Grounds’

One of the greatest things that skiing can offer an individual is inspiration. No matter what facet of life you’re focused on, you can bet the farm that there will be a story somewhere in this community that will get you in the right mindset to tackle whatever lies ahead. Today, you’ve stumbled across one such story. Jay Rawe is a world renowned Sit Skier who was featured in Matchstick Productions latest film, ‘The Stomping Grounds’. I could talk about his bravery, integrity, and strength to move forward in life after the dice didn’t fall his way, but it’s best to just hear it from the source. Check out Jay’s full segment to learn about what brought him to where he is in life now, and how he keeps finding ways to push forward, on and off the hill. With skiing of this caliber, we have a strong feeling that this is far from the last time we’ll be seeing Jay in a full length feature.

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