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See new roster update and teaser video for Orage Masters IX, “Rumble at Retallack”

As most of you already know, the Orage Masters has been banished to the backcountry, as the ninth installment of the raucous event will be taking place at Retallack Lodge March 25 – 28, 2014. Injuries and scheduling conflicts are preventing a few riders from attending, including Josh Bibby (scheduling), Michelle Parker (scheduling), Matt Margetts (torn ACL), Andrew Whiteford (torn ACL) and TJ Schiller (undisclosed injury). Now, Sander Hadley has claimed the tenth and final spot at the “Rumble at Retallack,” joining Parker White, Tatum Monod, Lexi DuPont, Wiley Miller, Duncan Adams, Chris Logan, Tanner Rainville, Joe Schuster and Banks Gilberti.

Press Release, Montreal, Quebec, March 12, 2014:

What in the world of Masters mayhem is happening here? Josh Bibby, the most popular skier in the world (as per the Master popularity contest) is out of the game due to scheduling conflicts, Michelle Parker, also out due to scheduling conflicts… double bummer! Matt Margetts and Andrew Whiteford, out due to ACL tears… double ouch! TJ Schiller was in for about a week (to replace Andrew) but now he’s been forced to pull out too due to a self proclaimed “Nasty little injury”… dang nabit Teej!’

But have no fear, aint nothin’ gonna keep this party from poppin off…

Duh da dah… here to save the day is up and coming, fun loving shred head Sander Hadley originally of Idaho, now residing in Utah. Sander has claimed the 10th spot on the roster and is pumped up for the Rumble. For those of you who have never heard of the young lad, have a look see at the “way he sees it” and you’ll be pleasantly entertained.

And with that, we proudly introduce to the you, the 9th installment of the Orage Masters Mini Site where you can find everything from schedules to sponsor info, teaser videos, athlete rosters and much, much more.

Speaking of events and schedules – here’s what we have planned for the first ever backcountry edition of the anti comp… it’s bound to be a hoot. Visit Orage.com/masters to learn more about our event list that includes but is not limited to – the Showdown and Hollywood Ridge, daily Chinese Downhills, the GT Jump Off, Figure 818’s, Backcountry Booter Shootout, Ski Porn Galore and the Masters of Steel knife throwing contest. That’s right, we’ll be throwing double backs by day and knives at night.

We also want to make sure we invite everyone in the Nelson, BC area to join us at the Spirit Bar located at the Hume Hotel for our official after party, award ceremony and a chance to rock out with DJ Burn and local nelson based headliner, Savage Blade for the release of their new album “Angel Museum”.

Yup, we are officially Ready to Rumble.

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