Orage Masters returns in 2014, heads to Retallack; you select who competes

Orage Masters returns in 2014, heads to Retallack; you select who competes

380_MastersGreat news, folks: the Orage Masters is back for 2014. This time around—the ninth edition of the Masters—the action goes down in the backcountry surrounding Retallack Lodge, BC, and the contest is appropriately dubbed Rumble at Retallack. What’s more? Orage has left it up to you to decide who competes.

The event is slated for March 25-28. If the show is anything like the eighth edition of the Masters, held last April, we anticipate one of the most memorable weeks of the year. Athletes Banks Gilberti, Chris Logan, Matt Margetts, Andrew Whiteford and Tatum Monod, along with Michelle Parker and Lexi DuPont, are secured to participate, leaving five remaining slots on the roster. Orage has nominated 13 candidates—as seen below—and the five lucky attendees will be determined by popular vote.

“We started [the Masters] back in the early 2000’s as a way to shake up the event scene and do it our way,” says Orage co-owner and VP of marketing and sales, Mike Nick. “We were growing tired of the standardized event format of the big airs and slopestyles of the day. We wanted to take the rule book, throw it out the window and let the athletes put their stamp on an event. We’re a skier’s brand, the Masters celebrates skiing and we let skiers do what they do best at the event: have fun.”

“We’ve done Mammoth, Whistler and Sun Valley,” adds Nick. “All were great hosts, all were legendary events. All were slopestyle events. With the Olympics hosting slope this year we figured this would be a perfect time for the industry’s one and only “anti comp” to go anti once again. Number nine, the Rumble at Retallack is going to be awesome, and in true Masters form we’re going to do it differently. We’re asking the fans to help us structure the event. The fans will help us choose the athletes, they’ll help us choose the events and on some levels they’ll help us choose the winners.”

Polls close on Sunday, January 19, so be sure to vote now. You can vote once per day. Freeskier is proud to be an official media partner of the Masters—we’ll be on site bringing you coverage of all the madness.

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