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Schuster, Margetts, Henitiuk and Leboe strike it rich in the alpine; declare “best work yet”

Joe Schuster, Matt Margetts, Mike Henitiuk and Riley Leboe are on to something this season. Their web series, titled Seeking Nirvana, is a breath of fresh air amid the highly-saturated ski media landscape. Each episode blends ski porn, storytelling, top-notch cinematography and pertinent musical choices seamlessly, resulting in a video series that’s easy to get lost in. In episode 3, the crew tackles the alpine, where dreams come true. The group describes the loot found up high as “treasure… it’s not the conventional kind… gold, diamonds or other such things, this treasure is much more rare. Found only in the alpine, a land of unrelenting rock and ice, capped with soft and endless snow.”

Leboe referred to this clip as their “best yet.” We’d have to agree.

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