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“Road to Nowhere” is today’s must-watch skiing short film

OK, folks: This is one to watch not necessarily on the go, on the John, or in the midst of a busy work-day where you inevitably see the 12-minute time stamp and immediately move on to other things. Rather, bookmark this page, tell Siri to remind you or just make it a damn point to, when you get home this evening, remove your shoes, kick your feet up, grab an icy-cold beer and stream this puppy on the largest screen possible, with the sound up and your mind free of clutter. This is the story of four Canadians who set out to crush mountains (and oceans, too) and document the experience in grade-A fashion. The result is a thoughtfully crafted, well-executed and exciting adventure film.

The Vimeo description reads: The road trip, a time-honored tradition and rite of passage, really… Letting routine fade away in the rear-view, they look forward, awaiting what the horizon holds. Worries left behind and uncertain of what lies ahead, they are left with the present moment. And with that, the stage is set. These four gents embark on a uniquely coastal journey from the alpine peaks that guard the Duffy Lake Rd. to the rugged and unexplored coastlines of the northern reaches of Vancouver Island. Big mountains, deserted surf breaks, river navigation and picturesque coastal scenery highlight this adventure along the “Road To Nowhere.”

Featuring: Mike Henitiuk ~ @mikeheni; Joe Schuster ~ @joe_schuster; Matt Margetts ~ @mattmargetts; and Riley Leboe ~ @rileyleboe.

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