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Poll: Which “One of those days” videos from Candide Thovex is best? You be the judge.

When Candide Thovex released the epic follow up to his hugely-successful POV video, One of those daysit lit the internet on fire. The video racked up a million views within hours of being posted, and has since amassed over 14 million views on YouTube. Once the hype of the initial release waned a bit, talk within the FREESKIER office shifted to a question that was on a lot of people’s minds: Which one was better?

One of those days 2 (the sequel)

Now, before I go on, I want to make one thing clear: both the initial release and its sequel rank among the best ski videos of all-time, so we’re really splitting hairs here. But, debating this kind of stuff is fun, so we’re doing it.

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When I did a quick office poll asking staffers which edit they prefer, the results were a mixed bag. Those who voted for the original edit say that the rawness and initial “wow” factor put it above the sequel. Points were also awarded for the way in which Candide was able to make a unique POV edit in an era where the POV market is quite saturated. “Although the level of skiing in One Of Those Days 2 is freaking incredible, I remember being so taken aback after watching version one for the first time,” remarked one staffer.

One of those days (the original)

However, those who voted for the sequel really appreciated the added production value and more intricate shots. “The first edit made my shorts rise,” said one staffer, “but the sequel was a better video with more amazing tricks and designed stunts.”

If you look at the amount of plays each video got, it’s no contest. The original edit racked up an impressive 2.5 million views on YouTube, but then the sequel was able to generate over 14 million views. Maybe the second was better equipped to appeal to a mass audience, or maybe people knew the caliber of edit they should expect when the second one was released, making it more viral from the get-go. Regardless, we want to get some concrete answers from you, our loyal and attentive FREESKIER audience. Let us know which one you prefer in the poll above.

No matter how you vote, I think we can all agree one one thing: #Candide4Prez.

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