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2016 Gear Preview: Get a taste of next year’s Faction Skis

2016 Gear Preview: Get a taste of next year’s Faction Skis

Founded by a group of skiers and friends, Faction Skis is forged upon a pure passion for the sport of skiing. Since its humble beginnings in 2006, the brand has maintained its loyalty to bell-to-bell laps, while creating a progressive product that is desired by many. Today, the brand has offices in Verbier, Switzerland; Breckenridge, Colorado and Shoreditch, London, and boasts an athlete roster with names like Adam Delorme, Simon d’Artois and, most notably, Candide Thovex, to name a few.

In its short but impressive saga, Faction has played its part in numerous monumental feats for our sport. From the top of X Games podiums, to Internet greatness (as seen in Thovex’s One of Those Days series) and jaw-dropping web edits, the brand has stamped its name in freeskiing history.

Featuring four oh-so-smooth variations of Candide Thovex’s pro model series, as well as the newly designed all-mountain romping Chapter 106 and the popular women’s offering—the Supertonic—Faction is on the fast track to greatness with an arsenal of hand-crafted boards for those who wish to transform the mountain into their very own playground.

It’s never too early to start thinking about skis for next season. Enjoy a few highlights from Faction’s 2015-16 line, below, and be sure to subscribe to FREESKIER Magazine to see which skis earn the distinction of Editors’ Pick in the upcoming Buyer’s Guide; we busted our butts in the ski testing department this winter and we’re excited to share our findings. Stay tuned for another 2016 ski preview, coming next week.

Men’s Offerings:

Candide 1.0

Candide 1.0, Faction Skis

Dimensions: 121-90-121
Sizes: 164, 170, 176, 182
Radius: 18 m @ 182
MSRP: $749

The symmetrical construction of the Candide 1.0 is ideal for an all-mountain freestyle skier. Users can enjoy buttering up a storm thanks to a lively poplar and ash wood core and a forgiving rockered tip and tail. Carbon reinforcement and thicker edges make for a durable ride, and stability is exceptional, due to 5 mm of camber underfoot and the aforementioned sturdy ash in the wood core. Whether you’re dipping through the trees, screaming down a groomer, or crushing the park, the 1.0 is a great option.

Candide 2.0

Candide 2.0, Faction Skis

Dimensions: 135-102-135
Sizes: 166, 172, 178, 184
Radius: 18 m @ 184
MSRP: $879

A staple in Candide Thovex’s pro model series, the 2.0 reflects the flying Frenchman’s silky smooth and extremely playful skiing style. These characteristics derive from the ski’s snappy poplar and dense ash core, combined with a carbon reinforcement underfoot. Its symmetrical tip and tail dimensions, as well as its early rise rocker profile, allows users to have the maximum amount of fun. Keep the cameras rolling, because you’ll be channeling your inner Candide from the moment you click in.

Candide 3.0

Candide 3.0, Faction Skis

Dimensions: 136-108-131
Sizes: 176, 182, 186, 192, 204
Radius: 22 m @ 186
MSRP: $979

Faction and the legendary Frenchman gave the popular Candide 3.0 a makeover this year, in the form of a slimmer waist width—down to 108 mm from 112—a tighter turn radius and a narrower shovel. A substantial amount of tip rocker and a bit in the tail keeps the ski playful for nose butters and big tricks, while a touch of camber underfoot ensures stability on the hardpack. These planks won’t make you ski like Candide, but it’s about as close as you’ll ever get.

Candide 4.0

Candide 4.0, Faction Skis

Dimensions: 150-122-140
Sizes: 175, 183, 190
Radius: 25 m @ 183
MSRP: $1069

Candide’s go-to choice for bottomless conditions comes back unchanged for its third year of production. Its balsa wood core has a great strength-to-weight ratio, contributing to the versatility of this deep snow glutton. Add a hefty amount of tip and tail rocker and nearly symmetrical shape, and you’ve got a ski that’s extremely versatile for such a fat pair of boards. Trick up a storm in the pow. Get out there and do your best One of Those Days impressions. Just don’t tell ski patrol we sent you.


Idiom, Faction Skis

Dimensions: 116-86-116
Sizes: 154, 164, 174, 180
Radius: 16 m @ 174
MSRP: $489

As a new commodity in Faction’s 2015-16 lineup, the Idiom boasts an 86-mm waist with a symmetrical sidecut, making it a versatile pair of boards for the all-mountain shredder or terrain park enthusiast. With a playful tip and tail rocker and 5 mm of camber underfoot, this ski is able to withstand diverse conditions and terrain. The brand’s snappy yet stable poplar/ash wood core makes for a damn good time as you scour for every natural hit in sight.

Chapter 106

Chapter 106, Faction Skis

Dimensions: 129-106-122
Sizes: 172, 178, 182, 186
Radius: 22 m @ 186
MSRP: $869

Faction expanded its five-point sidecut line to include a 106-mm variation this season. The 106-mm waist is versatile enough to handle the everyday grind as well as those “six inches reported, skiing more like 10” days on the hill. It straddles the barrier separating stiff, stable performance and playfulness, thanks to a combination of lively poplar and robust ash in its core.

Chapter 116

Chapter 116, Faction Skis

Dimensions: 142-116-132
Sizes: 172, 180, 188, 198
Radius: 21 m @ 188
MSRP: $919

If you’re searching for a hard-charging pow enforcer, the Chapter 116 should definitely be on your radar. A 116-mm-waist and Faction’s five-point-sidecut ski design creates a stable pair of planks that has the ability to rip through deep snow. The full-sandwich offering utilizes a frisky poplar and dense ash wood core fusion, giving these skis the flavor they deserve as you rip up the hill.

Standard Ten

Standard Ten, Faction Skis

Dimensions: 131-105-116
Sizes: 174, 178, 182, 186, 192
Radius: 20 / 25 m @ 182
MSRP: $839

The Standard Ten is another exciting new model in Faction’s 2015-16 arsenal. Highlighted by a dual-radius sidecut and a tapered tip and tail, these beefed-up skis are able to be spry in tight spaces. Also, a stable, yet versatile 105-mm waist and camber underfoot creates a platform that is able to float atop pow or charge hardpack on any given day. All-mountain skiers unite! You’ll be able to go bell-to-bell in any condition on the new Standard Ten.

Standard Eleven

Standard Eleven, Faction Skis

Dimensions: 138-115-124
Sizes: 180, 186, 192
Radius: 24 / 29 m @ 186
MSRP: $879

With subtle rocker in the tip, a hint of camber and tapered tip and tail, these skis are remarkably nimble. A poplar and ash core provides a smooth yet damp ride. Even with such a wide, stable platform (115-mm underfoot), you’ll be impressed with the Eleven’s carving prowess and its ability to roll nicely from edge-to-edge.

Women’s Offerings:


Supertonic, Faction Skis

Dimensions: 142-107-131
Sizes: 158, 164, 174, 182
Radius: 18 m @ 174
MSRP: $839

A proud member of Faction’s women’s ski line, the Supertonic is back and looking fresher than ever. With a versatile 107-mm-waist, the Supertonic is a choice pair of skis for the aggressive female shredder. This ski features the brand’s lightweight balsa wood and flax core as well as tip and tail rocker and camber underfoot so you can direct your own symphony across the mountain. Tackle anything from pow to crud and hardpack groomers on this strong all-mountain ski.

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