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MMWUC: Kenworthy goes off at the #ParkCityGP, NHL star Sidney Crosby has incredible skills, more

This week in skiing, Gus Kenworthy goes HAM in the Park City Grand Prix halfpipe event, Nick Goepper shows you why he is deserving of three X Games slopestyle gold medals, The Faction Collective goes bonkers in the streets of Northern Europe, and more. Throughout the “Best of the Rest,” watch NHL star Sidney Crosby figuratively break ankles with his stick skills in a hot new video from GoPro, see the man who successfully crossed the Atlantic Ocean via kayak, witness the Dumbo Octopus in action and much, much more. Happy Monday, everyone.

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Best of Shred:

Watch Gus Kenworthy’s amazing winning halfpipe run from #ParkCityGP.

Enough said, you need to watch this right now. Gus, you are a maniac.

Joss Christensen’s style filled slopestyle run from #ParkCityGP.

Joss the Boss claimed the golden spot on the podium for the second straight year in a row at this event. There’s a reason that Joss’ name rhymes with Boss.

We Are The Faction Collective “S02E02”.

Witness Faction athletes Tim McChesney, Tom Granier, Daniel Hanka and Etienne Merel as they go mental on handrail after handrail and loads of other street features in Northern Europe throughout the latest webisode from Faction Skis..

Enjoy an all-new edit from Nick Goepper, The Prelude.

Nick Goepper shows everyone why he is deserving of not one, not two, but three X Games slopestyle gold medals in his latest edit showcasing some of his training leading up to the competition season this year.

Watch Bobby Brown go HAM in Ballistic from Stept Productions.

Bobby Brown and Stept? Sure, why the hell not? Both parties dominate the ski world, so why not team up and make a baby? Check it out.

Best of the Rest:

GoPro: On the ice with Sidney Crosby.

This is just ridiculous. If you haven’t ever picked up a hockey stick, you should give it a try to see how good your stick skills are. Sidney Crosby is an animal. Also, GoPro for the win…Again.

Introducing yoga magician Amazing Barry.

Not a lot to say about this kook. He pulls off some whacky card trick while doing a headstand. Gotta do what you gotta do, I guess.

Snoring Dormouse is awesome.

This little guy sure was sleepy. Just knocked right out, snoring away in someone’s hand.

News story about a man crossing the Atlantic Ocean via kayak.

This man is a legend. He packed enough food for 99 days and became the first man to successfully cross the Atlantic Ocean by kayak without making stopping on any of the surrounding islands. Wowza.

Dumbo Octopus in action.

I’m typically not a huge fan of the Octopus, but this Dumbo Octopus is excellent. Just cruising around the ocean floor with all of his friends [sarcasm].

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