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Owen Leeper’s heart stopping 2021 season edit

Owen Leeper has been a big name in the Jackson Hole ski community for quite some time. If you’ve spend enough time in the area, you’ve probably caught a glimpse of Owen hurtling himself off 50+ foot cliffs, often times adding a front or back flip in there for style points. He’s skied with fellow high flyer Julian Carr many a time, and is clearly one of the wildest and most impressive in his niche of skiing. But cliffs are not the only thing that O Leeps is known for. As seen here in ‘Full Throttle’, he can blast down the tightest couloirs at back breaking speeds, and even losing control of a ski for a second, all the while maintaining what appears to be complete control.

Throughout the 2021 season, meany areas received inconsistent snow, but Jackson was stayed true to its reputation, and recorded its third snowiest February ever. Obviously Owen made the most of the conditions, finding high take offs and deep trenches. His style of skiing is incredibly high risk, high reward, and while we don’t recommend you trying to duplicate it, it is certainly suggested that you enjoy this compilation of his best clips from the 2021 season.

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