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Must-Watch: This Finnish crew is the next big thing in street skiing

For years, we’ve watched The Bunch, a group of Swedish skiers, gain popularity for their funky style and ski-anything approach to the streets. Whether they’re sessioning a massive handrail or just a bench in a park, each member of the crew makes it look darn good.

Now, we’re seeing the emergence of a similar group—friends of The Bunch—dubbed Keeshlife. We’d heard of these Finnish kids here and there in the past, but upon watching their new film, simply titled Keeshlife Movie, we’re sold on their influential future in the skiing sphere. From start to finish, every shot here contains unique style and technical difficulty that proves this crew is the next big thing in street skiing. Not to mention, they go hard outside of the streets, as well. Watch, enjoy and remember there are no creative boundaries to this endlessly-fun sport.


Keeshlife movie next monday -anttu

A photo posted by @keeshlifecrew on

Tänään pisteeseen! Meiningit 19:15 -> #keeshlife #keeshlifemovie

A photo posted by @keeshlifecrew on

#keeshlifemovie dropping late november @laurikivari

A video posted by @keeshlifecrew on

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