Just Dropped: The Bunch releases its latest masterpiece, “Finito”

To everyone’s excitement, skiing’s underground crew known as The Bunch released its latest jaw-dropping film creation for free online today. Featuring creative skiing from Pär Hägglund, Magnus Granér, Jens Nilsson, Maximillian Smith, Lucas Stål Madison, Tobias Sedlacek, Leo Björklund, Sakarias Majander, Erik Pousette, Douglas Källsbo, Linus Tornberg, Cole Gibson, Jeremie Veilleux and Kieran Mcveigh, the group has undoubtedly one-upped themselves yet again with its third and supposed final film, Finito.

With rumors stirring about the crew’s future in filming, we thought it was only appropriate to catch up with members Lucas Stål Madison “LSM”, Leo Björklund “LeeB” and Sakarias Majander “Saigon” this morning to get all of the nitty gritty details on the film, their plans for the coming season and more. Get the scoop and witness 44 minutes of freeskiing glory in Finito, below.

The Q&A…

TS: ‘Sup, dudes?

LSM, LeeB and Saigon: We’re kicking back, chilling hard right here in the present.

First things first. This film, Finito, marks your third feature-length production. How does it feel to release yet another banger for the ski community to enjoy?

We’ll give that a 10 out of 10.

As seen above, the film is available online for free, how important was it for you to release the flick for everyone to enjoy at no cost?

We want to give back to skiing for showing us the path of life and for giving us the opportunity to meet all these passionate people and [have these] wild experiences. We have a message that we want to spread to skiers with this flick and a part of the message is that inspiration is FREE. Far Out was free, Finess was free and Finito is free.

We might make a movie available for purchase in the future, it’s a decision that is difficult to make for film crews in the digital era. DVD? iTunes? Vimeo on Demand? The choices are many and some people even think that movies released for free are of lesser value. However, we think that spreading the movement to as many people as possible is more important for now.

These days, it seems as though most film skiers are impelled to create solo-projects to further their personal brand images, while The Bunch continues to do things as a team. How important is it for all of you to do things together?

This goes back to ancient time when people were living closer to each other and you were depending on each other to survive. We have been living as a family for the past six years, so we strongly believe in the spiritual connections that you only get with really good friends. But at the same time, it’s important to keep developing your own perspective.


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Creativity thrives throughout each and every member of The Bunch. Where does this stem from?

Well, we love things that are different and new. It’s very stimulating to try to create something that nobody has ever done before.

We where always into skiers that did it differently than others; [Mike] Hornbeck and [Adam] Delorme for example. Back when we met, in school, we had their edits playing on repeat. Most of us were born in really basic Swedish conditions, playing soccer and doing our homework. Sweden has a very mediocre mentality about a lot of things. Skiing brought us out of that simplistic formula. The group mentality made it possible for a lot of positivity and growth. Everybody was discovering and searching for new by allowing all kinds of ideas and perspectives. Once the flow had begun, it could not be stopped.

When you try to do new stuff, you really have to use your brain. We are really into mindful skiing. If you do “new,” you will create ideas and thoughts that might just lead to something revolutionary.

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You spent time filming in Moscow, along with the famed fjords of Norway, last season. Where else did you guys spend time filming?

We filmed a lot throughout Scandinavia and we also visited The States.

In a previous email with you, you mentioned that this movie was “weird,” in a sense. How do you feel about the final product?

We love the weirdness and amazement of the non-logical.


Photo by Alric Ljunghager

Is it a mix of random shots, or does the film have a clear structure?

We could explain the construction of the segments, but like every art piece, Finito is open for interpretation on an individual level. You can decide the vibe.

How did you come up with the name?

Far Out, Finess, Finito. You know—it’s easy and you won’t need anything more. Just go about it with far out finesse and you will reach finito.

The term Finito implies “finished.” Will you no longer be making feature films?

After three full-length movies, we somewhat realized that making the feature films has its pros and cons. The excitement of making new and more ideas is something that we are able to do when not spending the winter season on one single project.

What’s the next step for The Bunch?

This year we’ll bring you the next level of The Bunch evolution. Basically, we have three years of saved-up ideas waiting to become reality.

Last year, you hosted the first-ever competition, Creation Nation, can we expect another contest this season?

Creation Nation was the highest of power flow that we have felt in skiing and we will do our best to top that.

Each member of The Bunch has their own nickname. How did this begin?

We have languages on languages. Sometimes you might be “swerwing” on those words and names. When the flow is right, sudden nicknames seem to pop-up out of thin air.

LSM lip down

Photo by Pär Hägglund

How does one go about becoming a member of The Bunch?

You won’t make the cut, but we would love you to make your own cut if you know what we mean…

What are three things that ski fans may not know about you guys?

What do people know about us?

Fair enough. Keep up the good work, gentlemen.

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