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[Must-watch] Candide Thovex returns with “A Bit of Skiing”

Everyone knows his name. If you’ve watched any of his numerous films, you could spot his patented Balme-influenced style from half way across the mountain. He might be the closest thing to a global superstar that skiing has ever produced, and for good reason. He is the only skier to date to have won X-Games gold in Big Air, SuperPipe and Slopestyle. He has recently branched his creativity out beyond skiing and started his own outerwear company. Yes, Candide Thovex is quite possibly the greatest skier of all time. He has earned the reputation of the quiet superstar through years of painstaking work, sacrifice, dedication and a mental fortitude that few could surpass.

Words would simply fall short to describe his story and how incredible it really is, so I implore you to to watch Candide’s story, “Few Words,” as soon as possible. His remarkable contributions to the progression of the sport of skiing cannot be understated, nor can his personal skills. Candide has given his blood, sweat and tears to skiing, and in this short two-minute clip collage, the benefits of his sacrifice can be seen clearly. He looks as natural on skis as water trickling in a stream, or clouds gracefully floating through the sky. Candide is 38-years-old, and can still match any young gun on the mountain—he is an artist who simply has an unquenchable thirst for the craft. Without further hesitation, Candide Thovex presents the short and sweet video, “A Bit of Skiing.”



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