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Markus Eder; No off Switch

Hold on to your hats, folks, because the hard-charging, powder-ripping Italian legend, Markus Eder, is here with some blood rushing content to get you juiced up for winter. In this short but extremely satisfying edit, Markus and friends devour untracked lines at high speed and hollers of joy can be heard from all around as these guys make quick work of the daunting faces. Slashing, carving, and occasionally tree tapping his way down the mountain, Markus is an inspirational and entertaining skier to watch; he schmears his way down the mountain like a knife through cream cheese. If you’re looking for some material to help you visualize how to take your skiing up a notch, look no further. It’s always beneficial to watch somebody effortlessly ski a line, then incorporate a little bit of their style into yours. Down narrow chutes and crevasses, from open faces to tightly pinched trees, everything is open season for these speedy powder-hunting dawgs. Buckle up for the ride and indulge in some A1 beautiful turns. It’s only a matter of weeks until we’re skiing lines like these again!


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