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LINE Traveling Circus 16.1 ‘Den Norske Stilen’ – The gang heads to Norway in the season 16 kick-off

Andy Parry and Will Wesson have been runnin’ and gunnin’ with LINE Traveling Circus for longer than some young skiers have been alive. And guess what? They still rip, make great episodes and have their knees (somehow). Season 16 is kicking off with an adventure to Norway. Press play, and you can meet some new friends who tame the Norwegian park like nobody’s business. Take a trip to the Hallingplast factory, and see how your favorite PE pipes are made. Do they butter them up to make them a smoother slide? You’ll have to watch to find out. Shoutout to Jake Strassman for another killer edit. A new season of Traveling Circus means only one thing… winter is coming. Get those planks ready, it won’t be long now.

From YouTube –

You can officially say Winter is near because season 16 of the LINE Traveling Circus is here!

For LINE Traveling Circus 16.1, the crew ventures to the northland to meet up with Robert Ruud, Bendik Øye, Leo Landrø and Andreas Håtveit in Norway. Fueled by Norweigan Waffles, Brown Cheese and Lefse, the circus hot laps Geiloparken in a way that will make you want to book a plane ticket to Norway ASAP. You’re going to be frothing to slide some tubes after this one. Tune in and enjoy the LINE Traveling Circus episode 16.1, Den Norske Stilen.

TC Crew: Andy Parry, Will Wesson, Mitchell Brower, Pete Koukov, Robert Ruud, Bendik Oye, Leo Landro, Andreas Hatveit, and Friends!

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