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Handicap skier Donovan Tildesley stars in inspiring short-film, “The Winter Within”

“[Donovan Tildesley] was born with a condition known as Leiber’s Amaurosis, which left him without retinas,” writes Destination British Columbia in a recent email. “Despite this fact, his parents were determined to expose him to any and all activities that a sighted child would be a part of. Tildesley learned to ski at age three on Grouse Mountain in North Vancouver. He skied backwards the first year because it felt easier that way. This three-time Paralympian (and motivational speaker) has made it his mission to show the world that, despite having a disability, anything can be done if you put your mind to it.”

On the surface, Donovan Tildesley is simply a skier (like the rest of us) who adores British Columbia and its beloved mountains. However, Tildesley has a much different experience than most when he’s on snow. He appreciates the small things and treats the mountain differently, due to a physical handicap. He has a different relationship with nature—a very beautiful connection, we might add. The video above should not make you feel bad for Tildesley, as he enjoys the sport of skiing oh-so-much. However, the short-film should serve as inspiration to get out and enjoy every flake, every turn and every chair ride that you experience at the mountain. Next time you’re on the hill, we challenge you to soak in the finer things. Get out there and have the most fun ever and be thankful for the sport of skiing. Cheers to you, Donovan.

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