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Follow Candide Thovex as he Boosts Around Tignes, France

Your favorite skier’s favorite skier has once again dropped a short heater for the glory of the internet. Candide Thovex has been more active on social media this winter than in previous years. Perhaps it’s because the 41-year-old is healthy and skiing on his own brand of planks, Candide Skis, giving him confidence and renewed motivation. Perhaps it’s because he is working flawlessly with one of the best camera wizards on the planet, Aziz Benkrich. Whatever the reason, we’re as happy as ever that Candide is releasing bite-sized videos of greatness.

Here, we have 59 seconds of Candide turning Tignes, France, into his personal playground. Take note of just how gigantic these features are. The lip he casually tosses a double back off of, the cliff he seamlessly shifties; it’s all massive and yet so composed. Pure poetry in motion. Maybe we’ll be getting a longer project from the flying Frenchman soon? Who knows. We’re happy with whatever we can get. This is history in the making from the comfort of your couch!

For North American skiers, Candide Skis has recently announced a restock of all models for North America. Check out the three distinct skis, each with creative design and materials, designed by the man himself.

From YouTube –

Filmed by Aziz Benkrcih

(Thanks, Aziz. You’re doing the Lord’s work out there!)

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