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Enjoy clips from the cutting room floor of Road Trip Challenge

Road Trip Challenge returned to New England last spring, with filmers Evan Williams and Kyle Decker capturing footage non-stop for a week straight. What resulted was a massive amount of footage – more than 650 GBs of raw clips. Being that I am the Video Editor here at FREESKIER, my job was to watch every single bit of footage, organize it, label it and put it together into six episodes for your viewing pleasure.

After my first pass through the footage, I had condensed everything down to about two hours, which doubled my goal of 6 ten-minute episodes. From there, we had to determine which footage was the “best of the best,” meaning that some of the scenes got trimmed down or cut altogether. Not wanting multiple hours of editing to go to waste, we’ve uploaded some bonus clips your viewing pleasure. Check out the YouTube playlist above, and be sure to see what did make the cut by clicking here.

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