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‘Delete’ – Strictly’s farewell film is an immediate classic

The good people at Strictly have decided to ride off into the sunset after five glorious years. But fear not! The crew is going out in style, as ‘Delete’, their last creation under the same roof, is one of the best flicks you will watch all year, and probably for years to come. It will have you smiling ear to ear for the entire length, and maybe even tearing up in the final moments. The Strictly arsenal, (Welcome , Bermuda, Most Gutter, Wild Card, and August Light), is one of the strongest out there of any media house around skiing, and Delete is a beautiful capstone to this collection.

Strictly is undoubtably one of the best things to happen to skiing in a long while. As a group of friends who did it their way, in their own style, they made films that successfully encapsulated skiing in its pure form; from the streets to the deep, it’s always genuine and enjoyable. This group has supplied more inspiration and hype than many ever do, and in the world of skiing, that’s about all you can ask from people.

Savor this final flavor from the team, as beauty like this doesn’t come around too often. Odds are high we’ll see plenty of more projects from these talented riders and filmers in the near future, or at least we can only hope. Thank you to all involved over the years for putting everything into these projects. Strictly forever

From Youtube: Strictly offers up our final film, a pow and street endeavor

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