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Cody Townsend and Elyse Saugstad just defined #RelationshipGoals

Cody Townsend and Elyse Saugstad are potentially skiing’s greatest super couple. And while that’s something we’ve always known, their latest video, It’s Called Backcountry Skiing Part Two is the greatest testament to date. (You can watch part one, below.)

The video pokes fun at how these two have dedicated their lives to skiing and spending time in the mountains, opposed to the boring, non-adventurous lifestyle many couples settle for. It kicks off with them poaching the lawn of snowboarding legend, Jeremy Jones, and only gets funnier from there—spending their last dollars on ski gear, selling their house to fund adventures and more. In between the humor is badass skiing footage—from Alaska to British Columbia—accessed both by heli and good old fashioned skinning.

Couples: It’s time to reevaluate your priorities. Single skiers: Time to consider getting into a relationship like this one.

It’s Called Backcountry Skiing Part One


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Behind-the-scenes shots


Cody launching down an icy feature.


For these two, it doesn’t get more romantic than this.


The happy couple.


All smiles in the chopper.

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