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Assessing avalanche danger with the experienced team at Armada Skis

Ah, spring time. This unpredictable patch of ski season can bring surprising storms or sunny skies. Either way the dice land, chances are high that your local hill is seeing an influx of enthusiastic skiers trying to dial in those last few weeks of lift powered skiing. With this surge of Busch pounding, road raging hound dawgs, the quiet hills of the backcountry can seem more appealing now than ever. However, just because the skies are clear and the snow seems settled does not mean that the danger of backcountry travel is completely mitigated.

Our friends at Armada skis have put together a slew of brief videos with some of their most trusted athletes, Tof Henry, Todd Ligare and Ian Provo, as well as professional guide and avalanche safety instructor Tim Thomas, in order to help anyone roaming to new zones better evaluate avy conditions. This sort of experience is priceless, and you better believe that these legends lay down some very important advice. From taking ample time to prepare for a trip and making sure ALL your tools are packed, to checking in with the local avalanche forecast center, there’s a lot than can be taken away from these informative videos. Skiing in the backcountry offers bountiful rewards, but also comes with a boatload of risks. If you’re venturing out beyond the resort lines this spring, or in the years to come, be sure to heed these helpful words and advice from those who know best.



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