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Adam Delorme blows minds once again in new edit

Is Adam Delorme the smoothest park skier out there? Adam’s second “Walk in the Park” edit follows him as he butters his way around Breck and Mammoth. Don’t have time to watch the whole thing? Fast forward to the 2:56 mark for a ridiculously smooth tail butter landing to switch, it’ll be worth it.

From Jiberish on Vimeo:

“One does not simply film an edit with Adam Delorme. First he must be tracked down, which is no small task in itself. Then he needs to be followed with a camera at very high speeds for long stretches of time, because he does not like the wait around to setup shots. And most importantly, you have to keep the camera rolling because you never know what you might miss.”

Music: “Piledriver” by Dennis the Fox

Also Watch: A Walk in the Park (Original)

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