51 pro skiers reveal their 2014 New Year resolutions

51 pro skiers reveal their 2014 New Year resolutions

A promise for an act of self-improvement. Be it upping physical or mental well-being, revising eating habits, drinking less alcohol, ridding bad habits or stomping that new trick for the first time, most everyone has a goal for the New Year, including the pro skiers you idolize. Here’s what some of ’em have their sights set on for 2014:

JP Auclair:

My New Year resolution is to be more concise with answers.

Josh Bibby:

This year I’ll be more organized and ski deeper snow. I want to enter a lumberjack contest once I get my BaseCamp throwing axe and go on a road trip adventure up north for an article with Freeskier.

Aaron Blunck

My New Year’s resolution is to finish high school! My other New Year’s resolution is to not get hurt as much. My other New Year’s resolution is to reach Premier or 1K on United!

Øystein Bråten:

I want to shred harder than ever in both contests and on film. Keep on pushing out edits online, too. If I can have as much fun as I had this year it would be a dream come true.

Phil Casabon

Constant and growing health. Love and purpose for what I do. Mental and physical wealth. Greater awareness of my surroundings.

Angel Collinson:

My New Year’s resolutions are to spend less time perusing Facebook and more time reading good books. Second one is to listen more and talk less. Third one is to start a travel size joke book.

Joss Christensen:

My New Year’s resolutions are to ski every day, try to make it to the grocery store more often so I’m not eating out as much, get better at snow skating and best Amped 2 again.

Ahmet Dadali:

From here on out, going to try to not take any gnarly falls in the streets. We will see how long that lasts…

Justin Dorey:

I’ve been doing pretty much just straight contests for the last few, so I want to shoot more photos and video in 2014.

Mike Douglas:

Spend more time with my family and finish our documentary feature film, Snowman. Already put two years into it!

Tim Durtschi:

My New Year’s resolution is to take better care of my snowmobile, which is currently in the Park City impound, and I would like to not put oil in coolant. But on a skiing side, I want to hit some more 100 foot+ gap jumps ’cause that is the biggest thrill I get from skiing, so yeah!

Lynsey Dyer:

I really want to master my Australian accent. I’ve got a pretty good British thing going, but I really want the New Zealand and Aussie accents down pat.

Grete Eliassen:

My New Year’s resolution for 2014 is to ski more days on my Volkl Twos.

Karl Fostvedt:

My New Year’s resolution is to podium in a ski blade competition.

Dana Flahr:

Hmm, let’s see…. To start meditating! And build more jumps.

Caroline Gleich:

To strengthen my weaknesses in the mountains: work on ice climbing, snow camping and carrying a heavy pack to prepare me for big ski mountaineering objectives.

Megan Gunning:

My New Year’s resolution is to unpack my suitcase and ski bag within the first two days of being home after a trip. Wish me luck. Oh, and to eat more candy!

Keltie Hansen:

My New Year’s resolution is to celebrate and appreciate all the small successes in life, not just the big ones. Also to learn Stairway to Heaven from start to finish on the piano. I usually only have the attention span to learn the beginnings of songs…

Keri Herman:

To quit swearing. Been working on this one for a few years now. Maybe this year’s the year it’ll work!

Eliel Hindert:

I resolve to make a travel plan and stick to it for the winter. Unless the snow falls somewhere else, or some good friends are heading somewhere else, or a fresh idea pops into my head. Hmmm… Let’s try that again. I resolve to do the most I can with every day in this short life we have, and not let any plans get in the way.

Logan Imlach:

To limit myself to one pointless Newschoolers rant per month.

Gus Kenworthy:

I resolve to get better looking so that I can make it onto Freeskier’s next hottest guys list.

Kim Lamarre:

I think to me what’s important is to keep putting energy and intention in this path I’m creating… to not care about others, flow with my heart and be true to myself no matter what other people may think or say. That’s how I’ll be the best that I can be. I don’t need or want a big list of resolutions, I’m very happy with that.

Riley Leboe:

My New Year’s resolution is to stop hitting cliffs with flat landings. But, that’s been my resolution for about five years now and every season I find myself hitting tons of cliffs with flat landings. Maybe 2014 will be different.

Brody Leven:

For a couple of seasons, I was forcing myself to ski as much as possible. Religiously counting my ski days until they were well into the triple digits, I would ski regardless of how many laps I had time for. But even worse, I’d ski regardless of whether or not I wanted to. This led to a mild burnout and a lot of unnecessarily burnt gas in my car. Now I’m trying to ski when I’m inspired to exercise, explore, get scared, or just ski.

Todd Ligare:

Stop using the snooze button. I realize that when I set an alarm I have the intention of getting up then, not an hour later. The new program is: hear the alarm, get the f#ck out of bed. Also, drink more water. I guess you can’t really overdo this and apparently it’s good for you.

Chris Logan:

My New Year’s resolution is to ski more pow.

Devin Logan:

My New Year’s resolution would have to be to have the most fun every day.

Dash Longe:

I want to get my waste production under better control. I plan to avoid plastic whereever possible and compost as much food waste as I can.

Matt Margetts:

My New Year’s resolution is to ski powder, start filming, and have fun again.

Nick Martini:

My New Year’s resolution is to ski more pow!

Tim McChesney:

I’m currently driving around Minnesota in freezing cold weather hitting handrails, so I’ve got to say my New Year’s resolution is to try and stay out of cities and start skiing more pow.

Sean Pettit:

New Year’s resolution… remain single.

Griffin Post:

I have trouble committing to just one resolution, so this year I have three: quit the gym, start smoking and be more reckless with my financial decisions.

Sierra Quitiquit:

Party harder. And do more yoga.

Maude Raymond:

Do what you love and do it good.

Mike Riddle:

I resolve to quit procrastinating, and I’m gonna get you a quote for this article as soon as the Olympics are done…

TJ Schiller:

My resolution is to have an injury free season!

Alex Schlopy

My New Year’s resolutions are to have more fun than last year, work hard towards goals I want to achieve, and lastly to be more dangerous, like Miley.

Joe Schuster:

My New Year’s resolution is to get a Tinder account and bleach my hair again.

Brita Sigourney:

My New Year’s resolution is to travel, especially after the Olympics. I want to spend a few weeks skiing in France in March and then head over to Berlin and Prague to see what they’re all about. Then I want to get beachy in Costa Rica and Bali and anywhere else I decide sounds nice. We do so much travel for skiing but I’m ready to leave the ski bags at home and go on some epic adventures. I also want to read more books and do more yoga, so I figure traveling will be perfect for that.

Kyle Smaine:

My New Year’s resolution for 2014: I want to have more fun than anyone thought possible! I want to make out with a pretty girl on at least two different continents, and ski more powder.

John Spriggs:

My New Year’s resolution is to ski more powder and have more fun. Pretty easy and simple.

LJ Strenio:

Have more fun, care less, try more new things and don’t break my kneecap.

Cody Townsend:

This year my New Year resolution is to be in more lists. Looks like I’m starting that one off on the right foot.

Sig Tveit

I guess my resolution is that I’m going to watch all the Olympic screenings. Every single one of them!

Angeli Vanlaanen:

I decided instead of having a New Year’s resolution that I would pick a Mantra to ponder each day of the new year. Last year it was, “It takes every kind of person to make the world go around.” The idea was to practice appreciating the differences in others rather than just the similarities. This year I have picked, “The universe gives you what you need, not always what you want.”

Will Wesson:

I think my New Year’s resolution is to focus on quality over quantity in everything I do. Less is more, or something like that?

Jacob Wester:

My 2014 New Year’s resolution is to work harder, ski more and drop the best edits of my career.

McRae Williams:

I’m down in the Caribbean for the Holidays with my girl and her fam, the Dominican Republic to be exact, and I tried my luck with some surfing. It was my first time actually spending a few hours out there trying to get the hang of it, and oh how addicting it is. I decided my New Year’s resolution will be to learn to surf. It’s always been my dream sport, but I just haven’t ever taken the initiative to learn how, so that’s my mission for 2014.

Walter Wood:

Some of the things I hope to resolve or be better at in the New Year include having even more fun skiing and enjoy each day like it’s my first day on skis. Work on my Tinder game, of course, to be like Schlopy and to finish watching Sons of Anarchy. Plus good health for everyone!

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