Gallery: Corbet’s Cabin at Jackson Hole is buried… in May

Gallery: Corbet’s Cabin at Jackson Hole is buried… in May

What happens when Jackson Hole receives over 50 feet of snow in one winter? Corbet’s Cabin, perched at the summit, gets completely buried in snow. Believe it or not, the iconic structure has essentially vanished; even Corbet’s Couloir is completely filled in.

Check out photos from Jackson Hole, below, and get stoked for May 20; the tram will re-open for sightseeing, and backcountry skiers will gain access to gates for prime out-of-bounds skiing.

Photos: Jackson Hole, buried in May

All photos courtesy of Jackson Hole Mountain Resort

Resort workers trudging over the top of Corbet’s Cabin.

The cabin, from a distance, completely buried.

Another angle of the madness.

Corbet’s Couloir, looking nicely filled in and not quite as gnarly as usual.

Skis and the Corbet’s sign reveal themselves in one of the less-buried portions of the cabin.

May? Is that you?

Resort workers wander around in awe.

The scene from above… Straight. Up. Nuts.

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