Lynsey Dyer, Best of Instagram

Best of Instagram: See Lynsey Dyer’s favorite images from 2015

Best of Instagram: See Lynsey Dyer’s favorite images from 2015

Professional big mountain skier Lynsey Dyer wears an infectious smile and has a deep passion for the great outdoors. The blonde beauty, lover of good times and former cover girl of FREESKIER magazine (2008-09 Women’s Annual) is known for dropping massive cliffs in the backcountry and is the star of numerous rockin’ ski film segments. While she is widely known for her on-hill accolades, Dyer has contributed to our sport in more ways than just hucking in the backcountry. Just last season, Dyer directed, produced and starred in her own women’s specific feature, “Pretty Faces,” showcasing many of the wonderful ladies in skiing. Also, as co-founder of the non-profit organization SheJumps, the now 32-year-old inspires and encourages women of all ages across the globe to take to the outdoors and participate in the activities Mother Nature provides.

We recently caught up with Lynsey to get the scoop on some of her favorite moments of the 2014-15 ski season. From a whirlwind of world premieres, to burly British Columbian lines and epic GoPro trips, Dyer endured yet another amazing season. Check out the pics, below and be sure to give the gal a follow on Instagram.

Note: The following words are provided by Lynsey Dyer.

We celebrated. Like never b4. #4liz #4jp #weloveskiing @prettyfacesmovie #SOLDOUT #thankyou

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This image is from the world premiere of the Pretty Faces film in Boulder, Colorado. It was the best night of my life. After three years of working my face off, the world premiere of the UnicornPicnic film had it’s big debut. I was so caught up in logistics, it barely registered that it had been the best night of my life until after the dust settled. It also happened to be the same day that we learned of the deaths of Liz [Daley] and JP [Auclair], so there were so many mixed emotions of super highs and super lows. It was intense, but we dedicated the night to our friends and we could feel their presence with us. We celebrated life like never before.

Prototyping my dream ski with @unicorn_picnic and Sego Ski Co. I’ve always had ideas about the ski I’d like to shred but have never had the opportunity to test out my ideas, until now. Holy smokes these skis are sick. #DreamSkis.

Frontier heli-skiing trip in British Columbia. Ten down days and two perfect ski days during the warmest winter ever. This past season was tough, unless you lived in Colorado, I guess, so this trip was a game changer. We had lots of down time, but a few overhead pow turns and some decent lines helped my frothing for normal winter.

This photo was from a GoPro team trip to CMH Heli-Skiing in British Columbia. The CMH guides and pilots let me get away with some bigger first descents that they would never take clients to in a huge B12 helicopter with. I felt super lucky to have the opportunity to truly enjoy these huge fins with perfect snow and stability in April.

Statistics say public speaking is the number one fear in America and I can now see why. Speaking in front of 500+ people is much like hitting a big cliff; it always feels better after you’ve done it. In the end you’re happy you did it, because if you do it right, others can find some inspiration in it, even if you’re landing wasn’t perfect.

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