A must-watch throwback: Simon Dumont and Tom Wallisch “RESURRECTION”

A must-watch throwback: Simon Dumont and Tom Wallisch “RESURRECTION”

Dust off the pens and paper, throw on the glasses and get those scribbles ready; it’s time to take notes as we go for a trip down memory lane with two of skiing’s all time greatest. After stepping away from the sport for about five years, Simon Dumont decided to toss on the Oakley suit and throw some Notorious B.I.G. in the ear waves to show these young bloods how it’s done. Of course, an iconic Simon Dumont edit would not be complete without his partner is crime, the King of Afterbang, the Pretzel Man himself, the ageless phenom that is Tom Wallisch.

As is well-known, this is hardly the first time Simon and Tom have linked up—their unforgettable 2009 “JOSS” edit will forever be engraved in the history books of skiing. Some of the most massive and stylistic airs of all time are showcased in that documentation. With the intro to the recent BANGER creation that is “MAGMA II” referencing said edit, one could say that, thankfully, the greatness of 2009 has not been forgotten in the slightest. For your viewing pleasure, “JOSS” can be found below—and take a look at that vintage FREESKIER tag!

After doing some internet scouring that led to paging through a fantastic interview done by Newschooler’s Matt Masson, this revival edit appears to be a sort of spontaneous production. Simon seems to have been focusing on some knowledge of self on the coast of Miami. After selling his home in Colorado and purging his life of many of his ski possessions, he acquired an abode in the Florida sunshine. It seems like it has been a great experience for the man; a well-earned and well-deserved period of rest and discovery. With consistent injury and pressure from the comp scene, it’s completely understandably why he would want to indulge in the many arenas of life that exist outside of skiing. While few have committed the intense hours, days, months and years that Simon has to the game, I’m sure we can relate to the feeling of consumption that can come with constant indulgence of sliding on snow. It’s good for everyone to get a breath of fresh air and explore all the experiences that can be found off the slopes.

As for “Resurrection,” how could it not bring a smile to your face watching a master craftsman return to his passion with ease. The edit brings the same confidence and swagger that one would expect, with all thanks to the talented camera man Drew Lederer. Tom and Simon may be two of the greatest to ever do it, but that doesn’t mean they don’t need breaks. In fact, one could argue the breaks make it even more pleasurable. Simon has given so much to progress the sport of skiing, he could never touch a pair of skis again and still go down as an all time icon. With that being said, now that the skis are back on, we at FREESKIER sure hope they stay that way, at least for a little. Great to see you having fun on the snow again, Simon.

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