5 Pros and The Playboy Mansion

5 Pros and The Playboy Mansion

Some weeks ago, Peter and Michael Olenick, Simon Dumont, TJ Schiller and Tom Dolezel donated a thousand dollars a piece to The Karma Foundation. The proceeds benefitted The Marconi Foundation, which helps at-risk youths in the inner cities of Southern California. There was one sweet, chance-of-a-lifetime, enviable, borderline wet dream perk attached, the donation garnered you admittance to the second annual Kandyland party, held by said foundation. Well, party might be the wrong word, fundraiser being a bit more fitting. The fundraiser being hosted at a mansion. An upscale, elegant mansion, complete with gates, pools and a Hollywood view. Specifically, the house that Hef built, the Playboy Mansion.

I wondered, what exactly did this party offer? A weekend of “decadent dreams” is what the website claims. No doubt there was candy, stunning models, playmates, amazing food, grottos, celebrities, dancing, after parties, pre-parties, pool parties, photo-ops, body paint, lingerie, animal ears and pretty much anything else decadent, done ad nauseam. “It was one of those parties that you see in movies,” said a smug Peter. “You think there is no way parties like that actually happen. Well they do, and we went.”

The party was more than they expected. Women that defy written description littered the place, some lounging, others dancing, most taking pictures with our guys. The Grottos were explored and tested, but no photos have surfaced. Midgets, swimming, Corey Feldman, Ron Jeremy, oompa loompas, thongs, swimming, pasties and candy dominated the party. Overall, the dancing was dirtier, the girls were stunning and the experience was unforgettable.

It’s amazing that freeskiing as a sport has — and will continue to — afford people incredible opportunities. All five guys have worked hard, with a certain dedication to our sport; promoting, growing and shaping it from it’s infancy into something greater. What better way to give to a good cause — and reward themselves — than attending this annual gala? And don’t think that you or I could go, invitations to the fundraiser somewhat esoteric, extended to a select few. Incidentally, skiing has afforded our guys with the necessary contacts, turning dream into reality.

Although this was their first time donating to this specific charity, I wouldn’t call this a one-off charitable action; Simon’s Target House work, Peter’s contributions to Stand Strong and TJ’s work with Paul Mitchell philanthropy comes to mind.

But was it worth it? That’s the thousand-dollar question that nagged me since their weekend in LA. “Experience of a lifetime” was the sentiment echoing from the guys. Maybe charity is sounding a bit too good these days; creating donations by bribing would-be donors with lingerie-clad dancers. Or perhaps the donation was a penance to be paid, to allow our guys to pass over the figurative bridge that separates us from the “greatest place on Earth.” “The fundraiser was well worth it and unbelievable, I thought I was going to cry when I left,” sobbed Michael. Sure there are more generous and selfless people out there, but that doesn’t override the fact that these five guys decided to blow their wad on charity — and one hell of a good time.

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