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Tom Wallisch & Maggie Voisin – Good Company hops in the chopper up north

For two storied park rats, these two sure do know how to lay a good turn in the deep stuff. With the February magic in the air, members of the Good Company crew headed north with hopes of fantastic skiing and mind blowing abodes. As it turns out, both of those assumptions proved to be accurate, with what seems to be a top notch all around experience panning out with the help of the fine folks at Northern Escape Heli Skiing. Maggie and Tom have a great balance here, with Tom being more experienced but hailing from the snow covered mountain oasis of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, and Maggie being the White Fish, Montana native but having a bit less time under the belt. The two bounce through the pillow-abundant landscape without a care in the world, exactly how you would hope. While backcountry skiing comes with obvious risks and hazards, this video gives off a tranquility that could even put a freshly styled Glen Plake on cruise control. Enjoy the zen of watching a couple of master snow samurais devour the canvas before them.


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