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This ski company operates its factory on the road—literally

Community Skis is a custom ski company unlike any other. While that is partly because its products are incredibly unique—sporting one-of-a-kind designs and constructions—it’s something else that sets this brand apart: its workshop.

The Community Skis headquarters is a mobile tiny house, which co-owner Michael Lish built entirely by hand. The rig can create up to 10 pairs of skis before it needs to re-fuel and, alongside the brand’s other owner, Kristin Broumas, Lish takes full advantage of this setup, skiing and exploring across the U.S.

Check out some photos and Instagrams of the factory-on-wheels, below, and be sure to watch the video, above, created for the Basin and Range Unscripted Series and produced by The Locals Project.

Photos of the operation


Meet the Community Skis team, Michael Lish, Kristin Broumas and pup, Blue. Photos: Will Saunders


The factory-on-wheels takes to the streets.


Michael works on a pair of skis inside the mobile shop.

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Grams from Community Skis

Blue, giving advice before Kristin gets on build deck.

A photo posted by Community Skis (@communityskis) on

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